SJ Cycling International Virtual Race – Results


On 30th January, 23 riders across 4 countries; Canada, United Kingdom, UAE and Tanzania participated in our first inter-continental virtual race. The race took place in Schallenberg, Switzerland from the comfort of the riders’ homes and indoor trainers.

Grouped into three tiers to ensure the race is fair, all riders successfully completed the race in record times. Tiering has been based on watts per kilo classification. Tier 1 consists of riders with more than 2.4 w/kg, Tier 2 consists of riders with below 2.4 w/kg. Tier 3 consists of all riders with non-smart trainers. We would like to thank our cycling partners; Jaffari Cycling Club and Jafferys Sports for their amazing collaboration in making this event successful.

The race was live streamed and audio channel was made available which provided race commentary which attracted a record-breaking 422 viewers globally.

Congratulations to the winners and all participants. As this was our first organised race, we have learnt a lot and received a lot of positive feedback which will be used to perfect our model, and continuously improve our race organisation and delivery race/rides from both rider and viewers perspective. If there is anything specific you’d like to suggest please do feel free to reach out to us.


iA we look forward to more races in the future.

Thank You,
SJ Cycling, Jaffari Cycling Club (Toronto) and Jaffery Sports (Dubai)