SJ Cycling June Challenge Closes – July on the Horizon


We want to thank everyone who participated in the June Challenge, and congratulations to all those who earned an inaugural SJ Cycling badge.  IA more competition next month and more badges to be awarded to recognise fantastic achievements.

Murtaza Kara once again shows us he is the man to catch, with over 800 miles of cycling during the month of June.  On the ladies side, once again Fatim aunty (Fatim Panju) demonstrates excellence in cycling with 629 miles of cycling and over 22,000 feet of elevation.

Overall, 16 Carbon Fibre badges, 35 Gold badges, 33 Silver badges, and 16 Bronze badges were achieved in the month of June.

Earlier this week, I was speaking with Hasnain uncle (Hasnain Dhanji – Peterborough); he was telling me about his journey in cycling over the decades.  Hasnain uncle told me about how unusual it was to see an Asian person cycling, let alone competing at a high level in Time Trials decades ago.  These are the pioneers that paved the way for the successes we are enjoying today.

Compare Hasnain uncle’s experience over the decades; what an incredible journey that in the month of June, our club (globally) has cycled the circumference of the globe (26,891 miles) and climbed Mt. Everest over 29 times (849,871 feet).

We look forward to seeing more inspiring achievements in July as we prepare to launch our Annual Ali Asgher Water Appeal Sportive for later this year.  This year we look forward to global participation to support those less fortunate than ourselves.


SJ Cycling