SJ Cycling October Elevation Challenge


With just three months to go to the end of the year there are still lots of miles to be ridden and feets to be climbed, but the nights are drawing in again and our riding time is becoming ever more precious. We also have to think more about our kit before heading out as the long, warm sunny days are sadly over. The good news is that we are on hand to help. Our weekly rides are scheduled to continue as normal giving you the perfect opportunity to continue riding with a fantastic bunch of riders.

With less daylight at our disposal our emphasis has moved away from the bigger rides to riding more regularly. Whether or not you’re closing in on personal 2020 target, keep yourself motivated with our monthly challenges and remember that a ride in the bad weather is better than no ride at all.

This month we are re-introducing the Let’s Elevate challenge. Putting emphasis on shorter but elevated rides to keep your training ongoing as well as building your core strength.

Good luck and Keep those pedals moving.


SJ Cycling