SJ Cycling – En Route to Brighton


“O you who believe, spend from that which We have provided for you before there comes a Day in which there is no exchange and no friendship and no intercession…..” (2:254)

In this sacred month, we have been given the opportunity to effect humanity by providing sustainable clean water sources to the most impoverished in the world.

Stanmore Jafferys Cycling, with a 36-man team will be completing the iconic London to Brighton cycle ride on 15th September 2019 (15th Muharram 1441); please join us, in partnership with WF-Aid to raise money for Water; a humanitarian need across the globe.

Our journey began almost a year ago in casual conversation where Muntazir Chandoo suggested SJ Cycling should take part in a London to Brighton ride.  After several weeks of casual conversation, we decided to approach WF-Aid and asked if they would be interested in supporting a charity ride with SJ Cycling.  Without hesitation, WF-Aid started the process and purchased 25 charity places for SJ Cycling to take a team from London to Brighton.  Now comes the problem……. we must find 25 individuals who want to take part in the this iconic, and challenging 55-mile ride starting from Clapham, and completing along the windy shores of Brighton.

To be honest, I was worried; but I remember Shabbar Dhalla saying to me “don’t worry, the riders will come….” And he was right.  What I have seen as success is the number of new cyclists who have come forward to meet this challenge.  Most of the 36 cyclists are individuals who have not cycled in the past 20 years; they started six weeks ago and were completing 6-10 mile rides.  Last week, a group of 27 cyclists completed rides ranging from 35-48 miles, with some training both Saturday and Sunday.  What a fantastic achievement.

In the past six weeks, our 36-man team has completed:

  • Over 480 individual rides
  • Over 8700 miles of cycling
  • Over 740 hours to training

So going back, Shabbar was right; we filled our 25 places, had to arrange additional spaces, and were fully booked with 36 riders by the start of Muharram.  On to the next problem….. how do we transport our bikes and people?  The original plan was to start on trains at 5:30am (or earlier) to reach Clapham; than cycle to Brighton and take multiple trains back to London.  That sounds like an exciting day!

And we were saved.  Mohamed Tejani graciously offered us the support of DHL to arrange the logistics for our bikes; both to Clapham in the morning, and back from Brighton in the evening.  Mohamed and Shabbar were also instrumental in arranging transport on buses for all the riders through Hujjat Stanmore.

These are just a few individuals and organizations that have helped in arranging this iconic cycle ride.  There are numerous people behind the scenes working on marketing, promotion, arranging food, kits for riders, etc….  This demonstrates the brilliance we can achieve when we collaborate as a community.

We are now asking the entire global community to collaborate with us, together we can make a difference.

We need the global Shia community to come together and support Ali Asgher Water Appeal in providing clean sustainable water across Africa (you can access our JustGiving page).

In this sacred month, what better good deed than to bring water to those who need it most. 

We thank you for your generosity.

With Duas,

Mohamed Ladha

SJ Cycling