SJ Cycling Rides Peterborough


During the weekend of 13th / 14th July, SJ Cycling was invited to join BoB (Brothers on Bikes) for the BoB National Peterborough; a scenic ride through Peterborough and the surrounding countryside.  BoB are a cycling club that was initially organized by our brothers from the Ahlus Sunnah based out of East London.  Today BoB are a national club with over 550 members.

The ride consisted of varying lengths and levels with the SJ Cycling members opting for the Intermediate level 54-mile route.  All the routes started on 14th July from the stunning Faizan-E-Madina mosque in the heart of Peterborough Town Centre.

For Samir and Raza, the weekend started on Saturday morning around 8:30am as they challenged themselves to ride through the numerous towns and villages on the 82-mile journey from Harrow, London, to Peterborough.  The rest of the seven-man team drove to Peterborough on Sunday morning.  The 82-mile journey took Samir and Raza through the scenic and picturesque towns and villages as they headed North; stopping for breakfast and lunch.  By early evening they had reached Peterborough and settled in for a well-deserved night of rest at Zulfikar’s home before the challenging 54 mile ride the next morning.

Sunday morning, the entire team met at Faizan-E-Madina mosque where BoB were incredible hosts, serving all the hundreds of participants with breakfast, followed by a ride briefing, and finally we were on the way.  Whilst the ride was long, it was scenic, social, and very enjoyable.  For Shabir, this was the longest ride he has completed, and while it was challenging, he completed the ride in style, and managed to raise £1,485 for charity.

The most notable difference I found on this ride from the many other rides we have completed in the past, was the fantastic hospitality, and brotherhood from the BoB cycling club.  From organizing the ride, and ensuring all the guests had breakfast and lunch, they were truly helpful through the journey.  We look forward to many more collaborative rides with BoB in the future.

SJ Cycling Team in Peterborough:

  1. Samir Chandoo
  2. Raza Syed
  3. Mohamed Ladha
  4. Anser Rizvi
  5. Shabir Jagani
  6. Imran Mamdani
  7. Hasnain Dhanji (Peterborough)