SJ Cycling Teams Challenge Kicks-Off


Salaam Alaikum

Alhamdulillah, we have had a tremendous response for our Teams Challenge. We have seen cyclists from 8 cities including London, Peterborough, Birmingham, Dubai, Toronto, Ontario, Riyadh and Dar Es Salaam. A total of 85+ cyclists teamed into 17 groups of 5.

We would like to remind you some of the key rules and dates:

– Rides can be indoors or outdoors
– Riders must be in ‘SJ Challenges’ Strava group
– Riders must sign up to
– Comply with your local covid restrictions and guidelines

This is a monthly Teams Challenge. Every month the riders will be reshuffled in a process called ‘Draft’. More to come on the process at a later time.

Challenge Starts: 20th November
Next Draft: 26th December (subject to change)

Finally, we would like to wish all riders the very best and may the best team win.

SJ Cycling