The mission of SJ Fitness is to encourage everyone in our Stanmore Jamaat to be active and stay healthy. We aim to offer something for the entire community, create awareness, form strong social bonding amongst community members and facilitate the necessary training and guidance for a healthy life style.

The initial SJ bootcamp by Dr Mahmood Mawjee in the summer of 2016 (which was supposed to be for only 15 people and 5 weeks) turned out to be very successful, making a good impact to the community members. SJ Fitness has grown tremendously since inception and hence now requiring a lot of effort and time, certainly not a job for one man only. SJ Fitness mission is now beyond just one Sunday bootcamp session, it is far reaching within the Stanmore community and therefore would require complete overhaul in its operations. To reach the entire community, SJ Fitness would need scaling, and therefore different thinking and approach. This will require massive collaboration, structure and huge team effort to achieve success / vision.

2018/19 Common Personal Fitness Goals Metrics:
1. Strength – Be able to do 30 press-ups within a minute
2. Strong Core – Be able to hold the normal elbow planks for 2 minutes
3. Cardio/endurance – Be able to run 5km within 30 minutes
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