SJ Fitness Plank Challenge at SJRS Festival


I) Plank challenge stall at SJRS:- On Sunday 7.7.19 SJ Fitness in collaboration with SJRS had a stall organised at event, with the grace of Almighty SWT we had an overwhelming crowd showing keen interest and taking on the challenge.

We had over 60 participants registering on the day, with age groups from 5 years old to 70 years old. The idea was to get each participant to hold the plank for 1 minute. However, due to the nature of the competitiveness and the leaderboard  display the excitement level took over. We recorded numbers which were way beyond our expectations.

On average each participant held the plank for 2 mins and 40 secs, the record on the day was set by a 10 year old boy by the name of Aqil Hussein Lalji (from Hyderi) who held the plank for 15 mins & 10 secs, followed by brother Hasnain Panju 15 mins and brother Muntazir Bhimji 10 mins, not forgetting 66 year old brother Shabbir Valji (from Milton Keynes) who held the plank for 8mins 21 secs.


Ii) Benefits of plank:-

Planks are one of the most effective exercises you can do. Why? Because they require a small time investment on your part, and offer the chance to achieve substantial results in a relatively short span of time.

One exercise, multiple benefits

There are few forms of exercise as effective at building your core as planking exercises. However, planking exercises benefit far more than just your core strength.

By holding yourself in the position for a planking exercise, you’ll notice that your biceps, neck, and shoulder muscles are also being tested and strained. This this encouraging their buildup and development. This is great news if you like to do press ups, developed shoulder muscles will have a big impact on your press up performance.

When planking, you are holding yourself up through your arms and biceps and so by holding a planking position, your arm muscles are being toned and developed. Making planking a great alternative exercise to other forms of bicep developing exercises.

Moving down your midsection, successful plank exercises actually develop the muscles in your butt! These muscles tend to be ignored by a lot of exercises, so this is another great benefit of plank exercises.

In much the same way as you develop your biceps and arm muscles, holding the planking position helps develop the muscles in your thighs too.

What is even better is that planking exercises don’t take much time at all. In fact you should probably only spend about ten minutes max per day in the planking exercise.


How to Do the Basic Plank

  1. Get in the pushup position, only put your forearms on the ground instead of your hands. Your elbows should line up directly underneath your shoulders. Toes on the ground.
  2. Squeeze your glutes and tighten your abdominals.
  3. Keep a neutral neck and spine.
  4. Create a straight, strong line from head to toes – a plank, if you will.
  5. Hold that position.

Things to Remember

  1. Don’t let your hips sag down to the ground. Sagging hips makes the exercise initially easier, but it’s not a plank and it defeats the purpose of the exercise.
  2. Look down at the ground. This is a good prompt for maintaining a neutral neck position.