SJ Golf – Getting into the swing of it


Golf has been a popular sport in our community, enjoyed by all age groups, whether it be a group of friends coming together to enjoy a round or taking part in formal tournaments.

In the UK, the Jaffery Golf Society (JGS) has been the main provider of golfing opportunities for our community. As the sport continues to grow and in order to reach even more people, particularly the younger generation, we are delighted to offer the opportunity of Golf within our portfolio of sporting activities.

Our Golfing endeavours will be led by our very own golf-father, Jamil Rajani. Jamil’s passion is to encourage more people to try the game he loves by making golf more accessible.

We are grateful to Jamil for coming forward to take this challenge on and are excited by his well-structured plans for the summer which include driving range sessions, coaching by a professional and a golf camp. These sessions will initially target those aged 10 plus and as our community of golfer continues to grow we will look to hold regular golf sessions for all ages.

So, if you want to sort out your bridies from your eagles, or your drivers from your wedge, it’s par to say SJ Golf will be on hand. Keep your eyes peeled for more information in the coming weeks

Jamil Rajani

Age: 27

Golf background: My journey into golf began with a used set of golf clubs, a public golf course and a driving range in Milton Keynes. My first tournament at JGS allowed me to win my first trophy for hitting the longest drive and I have been hooked ever since! I currently play to a 9 handicap and actively play at Stanmore Golf Club. Lastly, my biggest inspiration for golf has been my grandfather Raza Virjee who won tournaments for fun in Tanzania.

Vision: I believe Golf is a sport that holds an individual accountable and is great at creating discipline and building character. My vision for SJ Golf is to introduce a pool of youngsters to the sport ensuring they begin their journey with guidance and appropriate mentorship allowing them to partake in JGS tournaments regularly.