SJ HQ charting out roadmap with incoming Hujjat EC


Collaboration between the SJ HQ and Hujjat EC is an essential part of our success and progress. This includes strategic alignment as well as ongoing operational as well as project specific conversations and dialogue.

Over the past six months, we have been engaged in ongoing conversations and management of the Covid situation with both the EC and Hujjat Covid task force with a view to ensure apt action and response where required. Furthermore, we have undertaken proactive preparation ensuring both SJ and the EC are in a good position to face the anticipated challenges.

In particular, this collaboration was clearly illustrated and demonstrated during our preparation for the AAWA ride where various departments of our community played a vital role in the execution of the event.

This level of collaboration should not be taken lightly and the fact that we are ahead of the curve in our modus operandi is established repeatedly when discussing with counterparts from other clubs and communities.

In order to ensure maintenance and continuation of this relationship, representatives from the SJ HQ and the incoming Hujjat EC met up a few weeks ago to set the foundation for the new term as well as charting out some key priorities.


The meeting was very fruitful and SJ HQ is looking forward to strengthening the relationship even further.