SJ HUB goes LIVE – The Hub of Stanmore Jafferys News

Dear Members,
Salaamun Alaikum

We would like to begin with wishing the SJ community Eid Mubarak !

On this auspicious occasion, it is an honour and pleasure to launch SJHUB – our new marketing brand which will act as a central hub for our SJ communication.

One of our key priorities for the current term is to enhance the SJ Communication component and to this effect a new EC position was introduced with Brother Arif Bandali appointed as Head of Marketing.

Over the past 2 quarters, the SJ MarComms team has worked on charting out a short and long-term strategy with the aim to keep the community and membership abreast of our ongoing developments.

The devised strategy will be executed over time in various phases and will evolve as we progress and grow further with the aim to deliver a 5* communication plan, streamlining our information in a comprehensive and balanced flow.

For the SJHUB  launch we are introducing SJHUB Website v 1.0 offering the fundamental service of all information and updates in one central place. The aim for SJHUB is to evolve over time bringing in additional features and components for our members and readers.

Whilst SJHUB will be the Stanmore Jafferys marketing portal, our root website will serve as an administrative platform going forward and we will now commence the reconstruction work of this original domain.

We are also encouraging all members to sign up to the SJHUB Round-Up  ensuring you do not miss out on the latest news and updates.

As part of our MarComms drive we are also reviving our Social Media elements and welcome you to connect with our channels as follows:

On a final note, we are requesting you all to pray for SJ’s continued success in our mission to serve our community and our 5* membership.

Salaams & Duas

Stanmore Jafferys