SJ Padel Box Leagues – Now Live!


The Padel box leagues are now live and active on the Matchspace app for all participants. For those who registered before the deadline please find below the box you will be competing in with all matches needing to be completed by Sun 15th October 2023.

As this is the inaugural round of box leagues in Padel, allocations have primarily been made using the self-assessment level provided by the participants during the registration phase:

Box 1:

  1. Mehdi Hemraj & Hussein Abdulla
  2. Abbasali & Mohamed Hassan Merali
  3. Shiraz & Zahid Jamal
  4. Abbas & Hussein Yahya Merali

Box 2:

  1. Ali Virani & Abbas Kermali
  2. Abbas Rattansi & Mohammed Mehdi Karim
  3. Mustafa Walji & Alirayhan Merali
  4. Zain Jamal & Mohamed Iqbal Kassam

Box 3:

  1. Mustafa AP & Shaahid Alimohamed
  2. Hayderali Datoo & Asgherali Gulamhussein
  3. Shabbar & Alijavad Jaffer
  4. Kumail & Asad Merali
  5. Sabir Datoo & Fazalabbas Fazel

Box 4:

  1. Qawsarali Sumar & Arifali Hirji
  2. Mohammad Chagpar & Shabbir Datoo
  3. Mohamed Mishal & Abbas Dhalla
  4. Abbas Panju & Inqilab Kassam
  5. Hasnain & Ali Rajpal

Box 5

  1. Kumayl Nazarali & Ahmed Moini
  2. Mohammed Jawad & Mazaharali Gulamhussein
  3. Muhammad Damji & Owais Mawjee
  4. Ali Abbas Rajan & Qasim Hadi

All matches need to be completed by Sun 15th October 2023.

At the end of the round, the top team(s) will gain promotion to the division above while the team(s) that comes bottom will drop down a division before the start of the next round.


Matches are played as 3 straight sets, not best of 3 sets but 3 sets in total with a golden point at deuce. If the games reach 5-5, a team must win the next two games to win the set. If the games reach 6-6, a tie-break is played same style as tennis to decide the set winner and the score should be recorded as 7-6.

For the league standings, 1 point is awarded per set won by the team meaning a 3-0 win in a match would result in a full 3 points being awarded to the winning team.


All box league players must download and register as players on the Matchspace app (phone app not PC) using the club code VKDSP-9566.



 Booking Discount – 30% off!

All box league players will be able to retrieve a 30% discount code which can be used for booking courts at Padel United – Bushey. The discount code can be found in the club feed section of the app.

For any further queries please email