SJ Photo Competition


“And the Earth, We spread it out, and cast therein firmly set mountains and We have made to grow therein of all beautiful kinds; to give sight and as a reminder to every servant who turns to Allah.” [50:7-8]

Alhamdulillah, at Stanmore Jafferys we are blessed with an array of sports and activities that cater to our needs and wants. But how often do we pause and capture that moment in the midst of our activity or whilst taking that valuable sip of water. Therefore, an idea was born of reminding ourselves of the magnificence of the world around us created by Allah (swt) whilst being able to perform our desired sporting activity.

A weeklong event took place commencing during October where participants were encouraged to pause and take a picture of the bounties of Allah (swt) during a sporting or healthy life style activity.

We were truly amazed and in awe of the pictures received. Here in the UK we received photos of families climbing Mount Snowdon, weekend breaks in the Lake District,  images of parks across the UK with astonishing sunsets and the early morning jogger or walker catching the first light at the crack of dawn, along with the usual customary London iconic skylines that we walk past.

But, the imagery did not stop there. We were also in receipt of international photos ranging from  beautiful mosques and landscapes of the Holy Lands, along with captivating beaches and sunsets on our beloved Dar-e-Salaam and Mombasa waterfronts.

With over 40 images deposited into our instagram account, you gave us a real challenge of narrowing it down to the final five, with the winner being crowned through an Instagram poll. We received, including worldwide, almost 150 votes on our poll with the winning post shown above from North London.

At this moment we would like take this opportunity to share a wisdom by Imam Ali(as) from Nahjul Balagha “looking at nature, brings happiness” and we sincerely hope that you had as much fun as we did in this activity.

Inshallah we shall aim to return with another #sjphotocompetition soon.

With Duas

SJ Social Media.