SJ Ramadhan Relief 2021


We’ve all heard the famous saying, “prevention is better than cure,” but how many of us have truly stopped to think about

  • What does this mean to us in our everyday lives?
  • How many of us can say, we are mindful of the impact our diet has on us?
  • How many of us can say, we are aware of how active our lifestyle is?
  • How many of us can truly say, hand on heart, we treat the very bodies that Allah (s.w.t) has gifted us, with the level of respect and care it truly deserves?

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted deep health inequalities within certain communities. Poor diet, sedentary lifestyles, and throwing into the mix bad genetics, means we often bear the brunt of ill health and associated diseases. But it doesn’t have to be like this. As with all things in life, the ability to make a positive change lies within us. We know there is a strong body of scientific and medical literature which supports the notion that an active lifestyle is better for your overall health and wellbeing.

That’s why this Ramadhan, Stanmore Jafferys is asking each and every one of you to contribute towards our 100,000 active minutes campaign. Not for our benefit, but for your benefit! Unlike previous campaigns, we have expanded the repertoire of activities that people can take part in to include cycling, running and walking to ensure nobody is left out. Start with the smallest of changes this Ramadhan, a 10-15 minute walk every day under the skies with your family and take that first step towards an active life.

Any why a community campaign? Because we know all the best things are achieved as a community. Our strength lies in numbers, and when those numbers are all pulling in the same direction! By setting a community target of 100,000 active minutes each and every single one of you has the power to contribute towards this target.

And we would also like to use the power of sport to lend a helping hand to our unfortunate brothers and sisters, here in the UK. Our charity partners, WF-AID have partnered with Al-Mizan Charitable Trust to support 500 beneficiaries by raising £12,500 through our Ramadhan Relief campaign. Your generous acts of donations will provide food vouchers and essential kitchen items to support families and individuals who are currently experiencing food poverty. By taking part in our Ramadhan Relief campaign, not only will you be helping yourself but you will be uplifting others.

Remember there are 1080 minutes in a week for you to find time to be active. You can either find an excuse for each one of those minutes, or you can make one positive lifestyle change this Ramadhan and reap the benefits for the rest of your life. We won’t tell you what to do, but we trust you’ll do the right thing.

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