SJ Running – August Activity


For the month of August, we’re introducing a family fun filled activity to walk/run during this month. The aim is to encourage families and friends to get out as much as they can during this month.

To participate, it’s really simple:

  1. Enter a creative family team name using the link below by Wednesday 5th August.
  2. Submit your weekly km to by Sunday night. Km’s will count from 3rd August to 30th August.
  3. Watch your family’s progress on a published weekly leader board.

This is not an overly technical activity and requires you to self-report. For example, if you are a family of 4, and you undertake a 2km walk around your local park this will count as 8km towards your total. If one member then does a 3km run that week, you’re then up to 11km. The only thing we ask you to count in your weekly totals is sustained periods of walking/running.

The walking element is also a fantastic feeder activity if you’ve been looking to get into running. Over the coming weeks we will share details of a structured Couch to 5k programme for September, so why not get moving this month?!

Register here

SJ Running