SJ Running Teams Challenge – Two Teams, One Winner – Round Up


As our February Teams Challenge comes to a close, we share thoughts from SJ Running and our wider membership.

When we set out the details of our February challenge, we thought it would help a handful of people to get through the cold, dark, winter days of February. Little did we expect the response and level of engagement we had. We had 58 people participate, undertake over 600 runs in 28 (bitterly cold) days which equated to a staggering 3500 km of running and countless amounts of banter in our groups. Here are SJ Runnings three take away messages and those from our wider membership.

  • PLAN, PLAN and PLAN – if there is one thing you have learnt, and are probably tired of hearing us say, is plan, plan and plan. If you want to run, 1, 2 or 3 times a week, pick your day and time and stick to it. Make it a habit. Make it part of your routine. And do not deviate.
  • MOTIVATON – let us be honest, running for a 4-week period, in a challenge setting gets you pumped. Bonus points got you out, 2/3 runs scored your team big points. But the real hard work starts now. Find out what the underlying motivation is for you. Is it to get fitter? Set a good example for your family? An excuse to clear your head? To catch up with a friend? Or maybe to treat yourself? Let’s be real, we all need a purpose to get that foot out the front door.
  • BELIEVE IN YOURSELF – you’ve just run through the hardest possible month of the year. Some of us ran after a very long time. Some of us even ran for the first time in winter. But you, the individual, did it! Imagine what happens now the days get longer, and the weather starts to improve. Your potential has no limit, you just choose to put a boundary around it.