SJ Running Teams Challenge – Two Teams, One Winner


SJ Running is proud to launch the second instalment of team challenges to help keep you motivated over winter and during lockdown! This month is all about our experienced runners supporting our new runners, as we move to an Apprentice style “Two Teams, One Winner” Challenge. If you want to take your first steps into running or re-joining the running movement then use this platform to provide you with that extra motivation. Or if you are a seasoned runner and want to support others on their journey, this challenge is for you!

First be straight with me, tell me, what will I not be asked to do?

  • You will not be asked to run a distance greater than 2km.
  • You will not be asked to run a particular time.
  • You will run as much (or as little) as you want (hopefully a lot!).

Okay, this sounds too be good to be true, so what is it?

You will be assigned into one of two teams. Each team will have an even number of experienced and new runners. Within your teams you will motivate each other to get running! Each run completed will earn a fixed number of points (regardless of distance and time), with the added twist of more points being awarded to our newer runners.

I am interested, tell me more.

  • Enter our teams challenge using the sign up below by 12pm Saturday 30th
  • At 8pm on Saturday 30th January we will have our inaugural live draft team pick, outlining the rules in detail followed by an open Q&A session on running.
  • You will then be split into 2 WhatsApp Groups to serve for motivation. You have SJ Running’s added assurance they will be temporary for this challenge.
  • Record your run on Strava. More points for runs completed by new runners.
  • Each Sunday night we will announce the winner of the week. Each week will be a new head-to-head with the teams. The challenge will run from 1 Feb to 28 Feb.

So, what are the rules?

  • Runs can be both indoors and outdoors, minimum of 2km.
  • Runners must be in the SJ Running Strava Group. If you do not wish to use Strava then you must provide SJ Running with evidence of your run.
  • At the sign-up stage you will have the option of defining yourself as an experienced or new runner. SJ Running, though, will ultimately decide on your groupings.

I’m down, where do I sign up?