SJ Seniors preparing for a Golf Adventure


For a few Tuesdays now, ‘Tigers’ from the nearby ‘Woods’ regularly pop in at Hujjat to practice putting in golf with proper Slazenger clubs.

The result ? On Tuesday 20th August SJ Seniors will invade the 18-Hole Putting Range known as the LOST JUNGLE LONDON from 10.30am to 12.30pm to compete in their skills.

Yes, Seniors are geared up and looking forward to their very first outing. Additionally, Carrom and Draughts games will also be available.

This beautiful sight based at Watford By-Pass, Edgware, HA8 8DD, is hardly a 5-minute drive from our Hujjat centre. It is very well equipped with every facility a senior would wish for. Additionally, Tea and Coffee with a variety of snacks will be served during breaks. We aim to have a team of young and energetic SJ volunteers at the venue for all the assistance required.

SJ Seniors will pay a subsidised cost of only £5 for the complete outing (£10 for the others). The deadline to register has been set for Friday, 16th August to finalise arrangements. Late entries will cost SJ Seniors £10 and £15 for the others.

Names with payments and mobile contacts can be registered with one of the following:

1) Sultan Bhai Govani – 07715 411862
2) Nazir Merali – 07976 359731
3) Oni Lalji – 07930 396390
4) Mumtazali Kassam – 07950 697086.

All the necessary information shall be provided nearer the time to all the participants.