SJ Seniors Resume With a Bang


The two-year Covid lockdown did not deter our SJ Seniors in the slightest.
On Tuesday, 8th March, all roads led to the Hujjat Marquee for the SJ Baraaza. At 10.15 am the trickle began, turning into a pleasant total of thirty five members. The Marquee was well arranged to accommodate four sports.

There was a 30 minute warm up and stretching sessions. After a mouth watering Zanzibar mix, it was a dash for table tennis, carrom & draughts.
So a brilliant start against all odds Alhamdullilah.

The smiles & excitement said it all.
What more…after Zohrain, all were treated to a delicious biryani.
Inshallah, attendance will increase and the future is bright. We need your good wishes & support. Captain MAK and his team are all ready to move forward with SJ Seniors.

Some photos to enjoy…