SJ Sports Reboot – We Are Monitoring The Situation


*SJ Sports Reboot – We Are Monitoring The Situation*

As the government continues to plan and prepare for the further loosening of restrictions, Stanmore Jafferys HQ and Head of Sports are constantly monitoring the developments and guidelines with regards to rebooting the SJ sports activities safely and responsibly.

The reopening of some outdoor sports facilities in recent weeks has paved the way for clubs and organisations to start detailed planning and preparation for a wider reopening of sport and physical activity.

*Redefined as a necessity*

We are emerging from lockdown as a nation of people who understand better than ever before the benefits that sport and activity can bring to mental and physical wellbeing.

The government has placed exercise at the heart of its priorities throughout lockdown and national values are being reformed around activity. Exercise has been redefined as a necessity, rather than a recreational choice or luxury and many people believe being active is more important than before and are using it to stay physically and mentally healthy.

*Principles for return to play*

SJ will ensure the resumed activity will meet public health guidelines published by the government to help organisations prepare for a phased return to play.

Whilst there will be a gradual and phased approach we will have to think creatively about how best to make SJ sport and activity possible within the guidelines. Furthermore, we need to ensure that the next phase of the reopening is well coordinated and is not just focused on getting something back up and running.

*Monitoring and regular communication*

SJ HQ and Head of Sports are constantly monitoring and following the relevant sport governing bodies guidelines and recommendations as well as communicating with the relevant sports facilities.

We will keep the SJ membership abreast of the developments and progress.

In the meanwhile, please keep active and stay safe.

With Salaams