SJ Tennis Summer Box League


Salaam Alaykum all!

Thank you for signing up to the SJ Tennis Summer Box League! We have had a good number of sign ups and are hoping for a successful and fun tournament InshaAllah!

Below will be the groups that you have been allocated. Please note, intermediate groups were created based on shared location for ease of organising matches, but there may be a handful of individuals that are slightly beyond the area.

Below that, the rules are also posted to be followed when completing your matches. All matches should be played between Saturday 17th June and Sunday 10th September.


– Hussein Abdulla
– Hasnain Merali
– Reza Ahmad
– Samir Majidi
– Mohamedhassan Merali

Intermediate A:
– Abbasali Gulamhussein
– Sadiq Merali
– Maj Kassamali
– Imran Khimji
– Abbasali Hasnain Merali

Intermediate B:
– Imranali Khaki
– Nazir Dewji
– Aliasghar Virani
– Murtaza Khaku
– Sibtain Lalji

Intermediate C:
– Sadik Merali
– Ali Ahmad
– Wasim Karim
– Maitham Gulamhussein
– Zayn Ahmad

Intermediate D:
– Abbas Lakha
– Imran Gulamhusein
– Hassan Rashid
– Hassan Pirbhai
– Shabbar Kassam

Intermediate E:
– Ammar Jetha
– Maisam Datoo
– Sami Merali
– Abbas Rattansi
– Haider Abas

Intermediate F:
– Husayn MH Merali
– Danyal Abbas
– Mohammad Keikha
– Alireza Jetha
– Maisam Fazel
– Shabbar Jaffer


– Play each player in your group once.
– INTERMEDIATE: Matches are 2 sets, with a tiebreak to 7 (2 clear points) at 6-6. If 1-1 in sets, then championship tiebreak to 10 (2 clear points).
– ADVANCED: Matches are 3 full sets (not best of 3), with a tiebreak to 7 (2 clear points) at 6-6.

– Winner gets 2 points in the box.
– Player with the most points wins the box.
– In the event of tied points, the winner of the box will be the winner of the head-to-head match between the 2 players.

– All matches must be played by Sunday 10th September.
– If you have made reasonable attempts to contact an opponent without response please contact the tournament manager.
– If you have been unable to organise a match with an opponent please contact the tournament manager (note: a forfeit may be determined if a player is making themselves unavailable for extended periods).

– Venue and time of matches is to be determined between the 2 players.

– We request that all players should maintain Islamic akhlāq and conduct when playing and throughout this tournament.
– Unsportsmanlike conduct may result in a penalty at the discretion of the tournament manager.

We hope you enjoy the tournament, and good luck!