SJ Volleyball Announcement


After 3 years in charge of SJVB, it is with a heavy heart that we announce Mohamed Jabir Merali has stepped down as Head of SJ Volleyball.

Under Jabir’s leadership, SJ went through its toughest period. Guiding the club through the challenges of Covid and nursing the hurt that we all went through after the loss of Marhum Fazal, were two enormous events that Jabir had to deal with.

The tributes led by Jabir to Marhum Fazal were not only pertinent, but have left a legacy within the VB community that will last decades.

Al Wilayah 2022 will be fondly remembered as it was the biggest tournament held in the UK for decades.

SJ’s performance at Unity Games 2023 was also a huge success. The A Team coming so close by reaching the final, B Team (under Jabir as Captain) winning the plate, and the C team creating shocks was a true testament of the healthy state SJVB is in currently.

Jabir’s most significant achievement has been the development of the Fazal Virani academy that is already bearing fruit with some of the boys who started 2 years ago already Tier 1 regulars and winning MVPs at MAMT.

Jabir has done a superb job revitalising VB post Covid and should be proud of his achievements as VB coordinator.

Given the character of Jabir, we will see him within SJ in some capacity given his selfless nature.

For now, we wish Jabir all the best with a massive thanks and a whole heap of gratitude for the work he did.

We are now looking for a new VB team to continue Jabir’s good work.

Please send applications to, with a deadline for applications to be received by Saturday 20th January 10pm.