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On September 4th, SJ Cycling organized Bicyclean Day 2021, which focused on cleaning and servicing bicycles for the community and by the community in preparation for our flagship AAWA Sportive 2021. The event was open to everyone and approximately 50 bikes were fully cleaned and serviced by our dedicated volunteers.

Starting the day at 830am, the SJ Cycling team arrived at the workshop in preparation for the day, to set up the production lines, and general facilities to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

The volunteer army (volunteers + U16s) started arriving at around 830am fully kitted and super excited to help out for the day. Chief Mechanic Mo started the day with a commanding brief articulating how the production line will work and assigning duties for a smooth operation.

In parallel, Raza and Abbas were busy preparing the front desk and registration process for a smooth drop-off and pick-up operation.

The bikes started arriving shortly after 9 and before we knew it, we were in possession of almost 50 bikes within a couple of hours. From registration to cleaning to washing/drying to servicing and finally final assessment and collection, the process ran seamlessly. The U16s and our volunteers worked like clockwork. In between, we were blessed with some Karak Chai and Pizzas thanks to Mohammed Asaria. The environment was 150mph and totally electric.

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With your support we have managed to raise ~£500 which will be put towards AAWA 2021. We would like to thank all our members, donors and volunteers, who spent their Saturday knee deep in bike grease and oil; and a very special thanks to all the U16 boys who showed up, and spent the whole day washing and servicing bikes.

A very special thanks to Mamado International for allowing us to use their premises to host this event. The day was made extra special with their superb hospitality and kindness.

Lastly, We still need your support for our SJC AAWA 2021 campaign, please donate at and spread the word to your friends and family.


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