SJC Nations League Round 1 Recap


Cycling awareness and activities within our communities both locally and internationally have been gradually increasing over the past couple of years with rider counts doubling quarter to quarter during the early half of last year whilst a few of our partner community clubs seeing extraordinary uptake in cycling within their communities lately as well.

As teams have settled in, being the last day of the second group games positions and strategies are becoming increasingly on edge as teams try to pave the way for ultimate glory. We have seen some smashing performances from teams across communities and individuals alike. We have also observed a vibrant and friendly environment, great sportsmanship between riders from different teams and communities coming together to share long lost memories and build new friendships.

During the first group games (round 1/week 1) we saw:

Stay tuned for more mouth-watering, earth-shattering, eyes-popping statistics in the coming weeks. We are humbled and look forward to working with our partner community clubs to promote cycling within our communities, enable cross-collaboration and bring everyone together through the love of our sport, cycling.

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Live Scores:

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