SJFA held its end of season awards at the Harefield Academy. Attended by approx over 250 people, the awards ceremony was an opportunity to recognise the extraordinary commitment by parents, players and coaches as well as the support from our corporate partners and the whole community.

We were also fortunate to have Susan Couper – Talent Manager at The FA and currently seconded to UEFA Euro 2020. Susan delivered a keynote speech to the audience on recruiting volunteers for the forthcoming Euro 2020 Tournament. Susan also shared the pathway for the SJFA family to be volunteers at next years’ tournament. Details of the pathway can be found here.

During the ceremony 20 special trophies were awarded in 10 age groups as follows:

SJFA – 2017/2018 – Player of the Year

SJFA – 2017/2018 – Improved Player of the Year

In addition, all tier 1 (under 6  boys) who attended the awards were handed a medal for their commitment over the year.

The ceremony and trophies handed out were in the memory Adulhussein Jaffer. We would like to thank the Jaffer family for their generosity in sponsoring the event this year.

The awards handed were as follows:-

Under 7’s

Player of the Year – Hurr Hussain
Improved Player of the Year – Mahdi Shahrestani

Under 8’s

Joint Player of the Year – Abbas Rajvani
Improved Player of the Year – Isa Ali Sumar

Under 9’s

Joint Player of the Year – Abbas Hassan Datoo
Improved Player of the Year – Hamza Mehrali

Under 10’s

Joint Player of the Year – Abbasali Muraj
Improved Player of the Year – Suhail-Abbas Visram

Under 11’s

Player of the Year – Adam Valjy
Improved Player of the Year – Husayn Gulamhussein

Under 12’s

Player of the Year – Ali Dewji
Improved Player of the Year – Husein Visram

Under 13’s

Player of the Year – Shaahid Alimohamed
Improved Player of the Year – Muhammad Mahdi Panju

Under 14’s

Player of the Year – Ali Abbas Suleiman
Improved Player of the Year – Ammar Kassam

Under 15’s

Player of the Year – Irfaan Kanji
Improved Player of the Year – Saami Hussein Jaffer

Under 16’s

Player of the Year – Muhammad Zayn Kalyan
Improved Player of the Year – Abid Karawalli

This year we introduced two new awards which aligns with the SJFA DNA of COMMUNITY, FAITH AND RESPECT. These two awards were:

SJFA Personality Of The Year

This award was sponsored in the memory of Marhum Kassam Jaffer. The Kassam Jaffer personality of the year award will from now on be an annual feature at the SJFA awards ceremony to recognise someone in the SJFA family. This award could go to a player or an adult associated with the club who has demonstrated a unique personal quality or attribute that resonates with the SJFA DNA.

The award this year went to a player who over the last year has undergone intensive treatment for cancer. Both this special boy and his family have during this trying time continued to attend training sessions for their other children with a perpetual smile week after week, demonstrating their tenacity, determination, positivity and strong faith in God’s will.

The SJFA Personality Of The Year Award went to Ammar Dadlani and his Family.

SJFA Lifetime Achievement Award

Another feature of future awards ceremonies. This award is sponsored in memory of Abdul Hussein Jaffer – the father in law of Hussein Pirbhai our Head of Development.
The award is to highlight outstanding effort and sacrifice by specific members of the community to promoting Sports within SJ

The SJFA Lifetime Achievement Award went to Mohammed Rafiq Ramji.

During the event we also revealed the SJFA DNA.

A gallery of photos and videos on the event can be found here.

The SJFA would like to thank all the participants for their attendance and support.