SJFC Youth Training Starts 12th Sept


Salaamun Alaykum Dear Parents & Boys

Welcome to the start of the new season.

Inshallah we will start the new season on Sunday 12th Sept 2021 @ 2:30pm at our usual venue Harefield Academy.

The training link will be issued as normal on Mondays (Mon 6th Sept 21 will be the first one) at midday.

Players must be registered for the training session and without a valid registration there will be no training participation.

As last season there will be a £4 fee (non refundable) per child for training sessions that is charged as part of the weekly registration process where spaces are available.

The weekly Training registration forms will close on Thursday 12pm Midday unless the tier is full earlier. At which point the registration form automatically becomes a waitlist form that requires completion to add players to the waiting list. Once we have communicated a space is available you will receive a payment link for the session which needs to be completed to secure a space.

Please note that although we are starting under slightly more relaxed COVID rules compared to last season we ask all parents and boys to be mindful of our responsibilities towards boys, parents, coaches and our venue provider.
We are still awaiting confirmation on any specific rules from our venue provider and we expect these to be inline with government guidance however, we will try to communicate any updates as we receive these.

For this season we have a slight change to the playing locations for the Tiers as below:

Harefield Pitch Allocations:
• Tier 1 – Indoor Sports Hall
• Tier 2 & 3 – Indoor Astro Pitches
• Tier 4 to 6 – Outdoor Astro Pitches

Correct footwear for the surfaces is a must.
• Tier 1 – Sports Trainers (No Football or moulded football boots)
• Tier 2 & 3 – Astro/Football Shoes (No metal studs)
• Tier 4 to 6 – Astro/Football Shoes (No Metal studs)

Shin pads are a MUST HAVE requirement. No Shin Pads, No Training. There is NO exception to this rule!

Inshallah we look forward to welcoming you all to our first training session on Sunday 12th Sept and a fantastic season ahead for the boys.

Salaams & Duas

Nazir Rajvani
Head of SJFC