Dear SJRS members

As we all know, the Government announced further restrictions England, coming into force on Thursday, 5 November and lasting for a month.

We know that SJRS members will be disappointed to hear this given a number of us have been participating in the reinvigorated weekly SJRS Tennis sessions but also your private rackets sessions.

The Government guidelines make it pretty difficult for any SJRS weekly sessions to continue, and as such we will be temporarily stopping the weekly tennis sessions. However, the SJRS Dream team will continue to plan in the background as to when we can restart our weekly sessions.

The lockdown doesn’t mean you can’t continue to get your rackets or TT bats out. In fact, you should use the lockdown as a way to pick up your TT bats and play at home with your family – your dining tables are a great place to try that if you don’t have a TT bat. Or you could try and play tennis against the wall. Obviously be careful and not knock anything over!

Lastly, the 4 week lockdown won’t be easy for many of us. So please do keep in touch with family, friends and your fellow SJRS members.

Salaams and Duas
SJRS Dream Team