SJRS Table Tennis Camp 2019


After witnessing a year of accelerated interest in table tennis through our weekly training offerings on Fridays and Saturdays, as well as record tournament participation  in MAMT and SJRS, the expectation of taking the second SJRS Youth Table Tennis Camp to new heights was exuberantly high.

Indeed, the camp was a success on multiple fronts, seeing 80 participants (and a cap was set to ensure quality as well as adhere to capacity restrictions) in the following categories:

– Boys ages 6-10
– Boys ages 11-16
– Girls ages 6-16

The coached sessions were carefully planned to take our children, regardless of their previous experience, to new heights and abilities. Alhamdulillah this was achieved. We have documented much greater level of ball control, sophisticated strokes with spin and speed as well as rallies that our children didn’t possess only a year ago, and often, not even just before the camp started.

We were extremely privileged to have a group of very experienced and decorated coaches for both boys and girls. On the boys side Head coach Zoltan Koszo and Assistance coach Benjamin Zentner were joined with SJRS’s coaches to provide a stunning camp experience. On the girls’ side Head Coach Sandy Nash and Coach Zainab Walji Haji took table tennis camp and coaching to another level.

As with the camp last year, akhlaqi and prayer elements were infused into the training sessions, making this both a physical and a spiritual experience for our ping pong enthusiasts.

The table tennis camp, and indeed all SJRS camps, are only possible with the continued support of volunteers. We had 5 volunteers who assisted in making the camp full of unforgettable memories – and we are indeed very thankful for their generous help and time.  SJRS Chair / Vice Chair Abbasali Merali  / Sibtain Allibhai, Deputy Head of SJRS commented ‘It has been an incredible journey to see the growth of Table Tennis amongst our youth since the inception of SJRS. The summer camps encourages and inspires young kids to take up the game and develop their talent. A big thank you to Arifali Hirji for a fantastic job in running camp and Hussein Juma for his continued dedication to Boys Table Tennis’.