SJRS Table Tennis Honours List – 2022


Salamun Alaikum

SJRS Table Tennis is pleased to publish its honours list for 2022. A huge congratulations to the winners. Your commitment to SJRS table tennis is exemplary and your place in the honours board is well deserved. The qualifying criteria was to have played at least 50 matches during the SJRS table tennis sessions which are held on most Saturday mornings between 10am and 12pm at Harefield Academy. In 2022, we held 34 sessions. The structured sessions caters for Boys (7+) and Gentlemen (including seniors). During the sessions, members play matches consisting of 3 games against each other, each game is awarded a point, scores are recorded, and a ranking spreadsheet circulated after each session. In 2022, 796 matches were played by 86 members. For a full list of the 2022 rankings please click here.

Apart from the matches, the core team demonstrate specific key skills each session and provide coaching to members. There is also a fun/social element with doubles and handicap singles. However, the main emphasis of the sessions is to have fun, improve your table tennis and build on friendships/bonds. Inshallah, in 2023 we have 35 sessions scheduled.

Why not give it a try? If you are interested, the sessions can be signed up to via the members log in at

Salaams and Duas

Mohamed Abbas Merali
SJRS TT Coordinator