SJRS Tennis is back and a ‘smash hit’


After another pause to tennis activity due to lockdown restrictions, SJ Tennis resumed their weekly tennis session on Tuesday 30th March 2021. This was the first session of 2021 and we could not have asked for better weather! After months of no tennis coupled with the excellent weather, players eagerly anticipated their return back to the court.

Led once again by a Steve, a professional coach and in line with COVID rules throughout, the session began with a gentle cardio warm up and stretching exercises. Following this, after some coach led examples, players undertook some light drills including; short and long ground strokes, volleying and cross court strokes. After a few months’ hiatus, these drills were an excellent way to ease the tennis muscles back into the game.

Following the final drill, the participants spread across all 3 courts for some serving practice. With cones set as targets, this really highlighted and gave focus to the players on the importance of serving technique. The coach demonstrated how the importance of various aspects of the technique can enhance the quality of service such as altering your grip.

In the last half an hour, players stayed in their original pairings for some doubles matches. These light-hearted competitive matches were a chance for players of all levels to have a good laugh, practice what they had picked up in the session and engage in some light competition.

The session was an excellent way to ease back into the game. With some fresh faces this time around it was very encouraging to hear some new feedback. New players particularly appreciated ‘how the session was tailored and open to players of all skill types and level’. So, whether you are a complete beginner or seasoned pro, come along to SJRS Tennis sessions!

Looking forward to seeing all you next week inshAllah!

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