SJRS TENNIS – Launch Of Beginners & Improver Sessions


Remember all those thoughts when you were watching Wimbledon thinking Federer makes it look so easy? Well, we can tell you Federer is a legend, and legends are made not born so its time to put all those dormant thoughts into action! Whether you are a complete newbie to the sport or played when you were younger and always wanted to get back on the courts now is the time.

As of next week’s session, (15-June) we are launching specific sessions for beginners or improvers. The sessions will run parallel to our existing sessions on Tuesday evening and will be much more focused on the basic’s rules, how to grip a racket, various strokes, positioning, net play and more. For those of you that used to play when you were younger, this is a chance to accelerate where you left off. If you still need some more motivation, we have listed some of these below:

  • A fun way to stay in shape through another sport.
  • A sport that encourages interaction and communication, there is a great social element.
  • No matter what age, gender, ability, or fitness level. Tennis is a great family fun game and a great holiday activity.
  • You can learn to play socially with friends or competitively through tournaments.
  • A sport that develops you physically and mentally (tactical thinking)

Above all it is a sport that you can play throughout your lifetime and give you a mental, social, and emotional boost!

Our intermediate members are already on their way and our advanced players have already rubbed shoulders with the greats, so it is time to join them!

This is the perfect season, and we have some great coaches and facilities to match.

All updates and sign-up links are posted on the SJRS Tennis WhatsApp group. You can join this here.