SJRS Youth Tennis is also back!


After the SJRS Dream Team created a video of “Passing it on” by passing a tennis ball, shuttle cock, table tennis ball and squash ball to each other virtually,the SJRS Youth Tennis team took this one better. More details below.

The SJRS Dream Team have been monitoring the Govt guidelines on Covid19 and social distancing requirements very closely. We were hopeful we could kick off in person sessions for the whole rackets fraternity. With the membership’s health and safety in mind and bearing in mind the Govt guidelines, it has not been possible to do so.

With the restrictions easing now – SJRS Adults Tennis resumed on Monday 13 July.

The SJRS Youth Tennis team did not want the kids to miss out, so a first ever for SJRS, a SJRS Youth Tennis session was arranged on Friday 10 July at 5.40pm.

The kids (over 15 in total) were eager to get going, and were patiently waiting in the Zoom meeting waiting room at 5.39pm. At 5.42pm, SJRS Youth Tennis was back. This catered for boys and girls aged between 5 and 10, and all drills were ag appropriate.

This drills involved

  • Stretching
  • Forehand drives
  • Forehand volleys
  • Back hand drives
  • Keepie uppies and bouncing the ball with the racket for the younger kids

I hear you ask “How can you run a Tennis training session virtually, via Zoom”. Well the answer is “IT IS POSSIBLE” and “THE KIDS WERE SUPER EXICTED AND ENGAGED”.

The coach (Jamil Merali) was able to see all the kids on his iPad, and all the kids had a device (laptop, iPad, mum or dad’s phone). The coach was able to interact with each child and giving hints and tips.

These sessions will continue for the foreseeable future – in the meantime the SJRS Youth team are looking at bringing in-person sessions – look out for more information in the coming weeks


SJRS Youth Tennis.