SJ Running Teams Challenge – Team Picks and Challenges


We have had a fantastic response to your SJ Running Teams Challenge with 35 runners signing up. Runners have been pooled into 5 teams of four and 3 teams of five. These teams have been picked based on runner ability and your estimated 5K time as part of your entry. The team selections are as follows:

1Muntazir BhimjiSamir Majidi


Assad Abdulla


Irfanali Shivji


Asif Ali Faristha
2Furquan IsmailAmmar Farishta


Mohamed Jaffer


Talib SheikhYusuf Nurhomamed
3Muhammad PanjuSajjad Kassamali


Salim KassamFazalabbas FazelMohammed Karim
4Maisam MeraliAli Momin


Safder Dhirani


Mustafa MurajMahdi Dhirani
5Irfan BachooMohamed TejaniHassan Manji


Irfan Moosa 
6Jamil Merali


Mohamedhassan MeraliKayam Moosa


Akil Kanani 
7Abbas BhimjiHasnain PanjuRaza HusainHassan Rashid 
8Mustafa WaljiAshiqali Damani


Mohamedkazim BhalooSalim Hamir 


The Aim:

  • Every week, for 4 weeks, starting from Monday 30 November the teams will be set a weekly challenge. The challenge will be advertised below on Sunday night. All your team has to do is work together to complete the challenge
  • We will also have a leader board for average distance so the teams can compete against each other.

 The Challenges:

Week 1 Challenge (30 November to 6 December)

Our first challenge is all about mosques. Incorporate a mosque in your route as part of your run this week, take a picture outside (with or without you) and stitch your teams pictures together into a collage and once you have the full set share it on our Whatsapp group.

Week 2 Challenge (7 December to 13 December)

Our second challenge is all about our name, Stanmore Jafferys. Using the first letter of street names along your route, work together as a team to spell out Stanmore Jafferys. Split the letters amongst your team, snap away on your route and share your complete picture in our group. In the spirit of the challenge use different street names for the reoccurring letters, S, A, R E and F.

Week 3 Challenge (14 December to 20 December)

Our third challenge is our social challenge. Complete this challenge by running any distance with at least one new person who is outside of the existing SJ Running Teams challenge (see SJ Hub for list of teams). Share your run on Strava or on this group with the new person. We’ll add on 2km to your total km for every new person someone in your team runs with.

Week 4 Challenge (21 December to 27 December)

Our final week challenge is all about the holiday season. Take a picture on your run that reminds of you of this time of year. It could be a holiday, something festive, a place, whatever it is, share it on Strava or on this group. And to spice things up for the final week, we’ll deduct 2km to your average total km for every person in your team that does not complete the challenge.


  • Runners must be in the SJ Running Strava Group
  • Runs can be both indoors and outdoors if you are gunning for top spot on our leader board.
  • Abide by your local lockdown restrictions and guidelines.


We wish all of our teams the best and may all of our teams win!

SJ Running