SJVB Squad Announcement – Orlando 2022



Stanmore Jafferys Volleyball team, more commonly referred to as SJVB, has dominated thevolleyball scene in the United Kingdom for well over a decade. However, of late we have risen to prominence by winning the coveted Al Wilayah Tournaments, and more recently sending shockwaves around the global volleyball scene by defending our title at the 2022 version of Al Wilayah, whereby we had global volleyball heavy weights such as Orlando Union, United Stars of Toronto, New York Union & Toronto Jafferys attend.

As we defended the championship held in memory of Marhum Fazal Virani, we were able to assert our position as one of the best ‘Indoor Traditional 3-Touch Volleyball’ teams globally. Taking on some of the best teams from North America was a challenge our boys relished, winning not only the hearts of many but the championship held in Memory of one our very own veterans. As the club rises to new heights, we thank Allah, for all the success and for giving us the strength to take on the new challenges. Our previous visits across the pond, most recently in 2019 (Minnesota), saw us get to the Semi Finals, narrowingly losing out to Toronto Jafferys.The now world famous ‘Blue brothers’ and ‘Kumi’ also have a solid unit around them comprised of players regarded to be among the best in the world playing their position. With renewed confidence and faith from Al Wilayah, the boys have spent the last 3 months training intensely twice a week.The squad of 12 is the largest in number we have sent abroad, and has a balance of youth, experience and the core of the squad who are now at their prime.The feeling within the camp can be summarised by Shane Merali’s words, ‘we are now set, inshallah everything else goes well’. We ask the community in Stanmore and across the United Kingdom to support us and follow our journey when the tournament gets underway on Friday the 30th of December in Orlando. We hope to make you proud and Inshallah end the wait for the final piece to complete the trophy cabinet.We will be posting updates across our Social Media Channels as well as posting update on the SJVB Whatsapp Group. Inshallah we will also be streaming all SJVB games on our SJHUB youtube channel. An official tournament stream should also be available.AhsantJabir MeraliSJVB Coordinator