SJ Volleyball launch 2022/2023 kit


SJVB is pleased to announce the launch of our new Kits to cover Seasons 2022/23.

As you are all aware, we usually launch our new kits closer to a tournament and with the Dubai Tournament looming, this is the perfect time…

We appreciate that not everyone of us is going to Dubai. However we strongly recommend that you order these kits as we will be wearing them for every tournament over the next two years.

As things slowly go back to normal, we anticipate SJVB attending tournaments both home and abroad as well as hosting THE flagship tournament within The UK – Al Wilayah inshallah within the next 18 months.

Therefore these kits will be required to be worn by players wishing to represent SJ at the tournaments

As we are placing a bulk order now, there are several advantages of placing your orders in, not least cost

Alhamdulillah with the blessings of our corporate sponsor ‘The Zahra Trust’ the 2 kits are available for a subsidised rate of £20.

Deadline to place your order and make payment is Tuesday 23rd November by 8pm

Again, we cant stress the importance of ordering the kits if you wish to play tournament VB between Dec 2021 and Dec 2023