SJ water project supports 20,000 beneficiaries a month


Our flagship initiative at the heart of AAWA 2020-21, the Gaza Water Desalination Project has now been completed and is fully operational providing clean water to 20,000 beneficiaries a month.

Please find below a copy of the final report, photos and videos for your perusal.

After six months of construction and despite various challenges such as COVID, the project was delivered just before Ramadhan, Alhamdulillah.

Water supplies had started end of March this year, however stopped abruptly during the month of Ramadhan due to the situation towards the latter part of month.

“O My Shia, Remember me every time you drink water!” Imam Hussain (AS)

Last year we held our second Ali Asghar Water Appeal (AAWA) Sportive and as a community successfully raised over £100,000 for WF-AID’s flagship appeal to bring life-changing sustainable WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene) initiatives to those who are less fortunate than we are and whose only hope is our generosity. Once again, we rose to the challenge and affected humanity in so many ways in #makingadifferencetogether by #givingthroughsport.

Furthermore, we have two more projects that are currently underway and we will share with you the final reports when the projects are completed in due course.

WF-AID’s Ali Asghar Water Appeal has facilitated several projects in water scarce areas in 2020-21, including:

 Gaza Water Desalination Project
 Wells construction and regeneration in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and India
 Building washrooms and a submersible wells project in Pakistan
 Water irrigation project in Afghanistan
 Rehabilitating a school’s washroom facilities in the West Bank, Palestine

Stanmore Jafferys are delighted to have fundraised for three of these significant projects.

We have been truly humbled and blessed to have your support throughout the AAWA 2020
campaign and there are far too many people to thank – our sponsors, supporters, donors, riders, and volunteers who have helped us throughout this journey.

For now, let us keep #cycling and #makingadifferencetogether by #givingthroughsport