Stanmore Jafferys Building Strong Community

As we approach the last ten nights of this Holy Month, and commemorate the Shahadat of the Commander of the Faithful Imam Ali (as), the lectures at Hujjat KSIMC this year has had a very important theme and thread to it by all our esteemed Speakers & Scholars:

– Strengthening the ties and bonds of brotherhood/sisterhood
– Strengthening our identity and understanding and being proud of what we stand for
– Taking important lessons from communities of the past on what made them successful communities and what caused them to self destruct
– Strengthening the services our community provides to ensure it continues to attract members of our community to attend our centre and feel a sense of belonging to our centre.

The services provided by Stanmore Jafferys Sports (Gents & Ladies) has over the last week been recognised by both Sheikh Abbas Ismail and Sheikh Nuru Mohamed (this evening); and and would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank our 80+ core team of Volunteers, Coordinators and Heads of Sports for the invaluable service they provide to the members of our community!

Both links for the full lectures are below:

Sheikh Nuru Mohamed: 25 May 2019

Sheikh Abbas Ismail: 17 May 2019