About SJ Swimming

Swimming sessions for men and children started over twenty five years ago.

These sessions were held on Sunday mornings at The Sir Altham Swimming pool after which parents would dropped their children to Madressa.

We started with around 20 to 25 fathers and their children. The pool was split into three parts - a lane for fast stroke swimmers, second lane for casual/relaxed swimmers and the third area being the widest for fathers with young children. The session included teaching the kids to swim and the majority playing various pool games.

As the popularity increased and requiring more capacity, it resulted in a move to Aspire Leisure Centre in Stanmore.

Over the years we have attracted other communities to participate and Sunday sessions have reached increasing numbers prompting another swimming session on Saturdays at St. Margret’s School Bushey.

Swimming sessions have always been enjoyed by both the young and older members of our community. A special thanks has to go to our senior members who laid the foundations and without them we would not have such fantastic facilities.

This swimming family still has plenty of room for Saturday sessions, so please join us for a splash and get signed up for our swimming sessions.

Please feel free to drop us a line on swimming@jafferys.org for any queries.
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