Syed Mohammed Jawad (MJ) – Head of Social Media


Volunteering Experience:
Since I can remember – It all started in Milton Keynes, where I was Head of the youth committee and helping with ghusal and kafaan. Since moving to Stanmore, I was a CPV for a number of years and now – a volunteer with SJ!

Sports Interest in General:
Being a Pakistani, it’s wajib on me to love cricket! A close second is football – and before you hear it from anyone else – I’m a Manchester City fan! Other sports I enjoy are chasing my kids around the house so they can complete their chores and homework, walking on tiptoes when the kids are in bed, thumb war and rock paper scissors! I also wish beard-growing was a sport!

SJ Motto:
“If you’re always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.”