Table Tennis on Wheels


It all started last year at MAMT when the organisers mentioned they will be working towards holding competitions for special needs individuals. As a result, I decided to take up Table Tennis. From the very beginning, the entire team supported me and encouraged me to play.

The Table Tennis club helped me to stay active and I really miss it during this period of closure. Among being a physically active game, Table Tennis is also very strategic, and it allowed me to think differently as I approached playing each week. At the end of the day, whether I played well, won, or lost, the most important thing was the brotherhood and friendships I had gained. Meeting everyone each week will is what I absolutely miss the most right now.

I’d like to give a special thanks to Mohamad Merali and Husein Juma who made me feel welcome and made sure I continued to play.

In terms of players, I really admire Jabir Dhalla. He has really inspired me to work harder and get better at the game. This team has really allowed me to achieve many of my goals, and InshaAllah with their continued support and training, I can one day become the best wheelchair player.

Senior Coach Hussein Juma said:
“Week in week out, you always try your level best and always give me 100%. I am delighted that you enjoy your training and we will do our level best to ensure that you can accomplish your dream.”

Head of SJRS Table Tennis Mohamed Abbas Merali said:
“Your tenacity, determination and drive is in an inspiration to us all! Keep it up.”

Murtaza Dewji