That’s Why I Run Part 1

My name is Mohammad Mahdi Karim I’m an undergraduate at the University of Warwick now entering my second year. I’m also the founder of an enterprise called MMK Public Speaking where I coach children and adults to improve their communication and oratory skills through a reggae of different online courses ( In my spare time I enjoy playing tennis, running and supporting Federer and Arsenal.
1. How did you get into running?
I got the buzz for running from Mahmood Mawjee who had set the challenge of being able to run 5k under 30 minutes. I’d usually run when I hadn’t managed to do anything physical for a long period of time and therefore this resulted in a lack in consistency and regularity. I’d always say to my mum around the time of the London Marathon that I wanted to do that, but it was more a wishful thought than anything more. Then in October last year, a month into university I was having a catch up call with a high school friend. One thing led to another and by the end of the call I had signed myself up to a half marathon which I needed to complete in 2 months time having run 5k maximum before. Through the help of an avid runner Muhammad Asaria who gave me training advice, I did a combination of interval training, short distance and long distance and managed to run 21.2km in January this year whilst also raising £25k for the Lady Fatemah Trust for a water purification device in Kenya.
2. What do you enjoy about running?
Primarily, I enjoy the fact I can continue to be an avid foodie without the fear of getting out of shape. So long as you run consistently, a good diet is still required, however there is a bit more leeway to be more flexible with what you eat. Therefore you never feel guilty after you eat a very tasty calorific meal so long as you can burn it all off with a run.
3. What is your proudest running moment?
Probably crossing the finish line for the half marathon I ran in January. The feeling of accomplishment coupled with the fact I had fulfilled a duty to all the donors who had donated made be feel very happy
4. Your running tips
One piece of advice really worked for me. Have a big vision, but take small and consistent steps towards it.
5. Advice for aspiring runners
If you want to continue indulging in our delicious Khoja food without the fear of health concerns just run!!

by Mohammad Mahdi Karim