The Clocks Turned


When we wake up this morning we do so with the clocks moved forward as planned and as per the annual schedule.

Under normal circumstances we would have woken up this morning preparing for Madressa and other normal activities on our Sunday schedule like breakfast at the Hubb and lunch at Pepes before making our way to the training sessions at Harefield Academy and Northwood School.

This was also going to be the time of the year where more people would have taken their bikes out from the garage to join the Sunday morning SJ cycling rides to commence training for the upcoming summer events.

That was the plan….

Deeper and Beyond

The return flight from Dubai Unity Games allowed me plenty of time to ponder about our club and what it brings to the community with a view to chart out the 2020 theme. Apart from the obvious parts of training facilities there had to be something deeper and beyond the apparent. Evolving thoughts from take-off and stop-over to arrival with some sleep in between ultimately crystallized to be defined by the fragrance emanating from the Inspiration & Impact embedded across the club, the organisation and individuals alike.

Scale of Impact and Inspiration

We often judge our progress and success by measuring the training participation and activities alongside the success rate in tournaments and the session quality enhancement. These datapoints are good and necessary yardsticks in our evaluation process however in parallel with these objective measurements we should not be oblivious of the scale of impact and inspiration generated by the members of this club. The remarkable effect that each and every one has at some point in some place is remarkable, vertically and horizontally alike on various levels. With no limitation to a coach inspiring a child but equally the other way around as well as young children inspiring friends and coaches making an impact on their colleagues.

One of the most important driving factors in my position as the chairman is this very element of impact and inspiration derived from the energy levels I witness and feel on a weekly basis from various corners of the SJ family. I am confident that the very same element drives our exceptional volunteers to continue their work with vigorous passion to plan and deliver weekly training.

Changed Complexion

The turn of clocks today would have marked countdown to MAMT over the Easter Weekend filled with healthy competition and networking. Instead we stand here today marked by a massive impact in the books of history. The whole landscape of our lives has changed in just a matter of weeks with the complexion of the sports club equally affected. Whilst we are not engaged in any regular SJ activity there is a significant exercise to be undertaken behind the scenes so that we are as prepared as possible to reactivate as close as possible to normal standard when the clouds in front of us start clearing up.

Right In To The Heart of Your Home

A very frightening episode is staring us right in the eyes and this is probably one of the most impactful events our community has witnessed during which a strong organisation and structure is so essential. You probably have heard and read innumerable words of motivation to manage these times and how we need to adapt by being more creative. Whilst sources out there have given us plenty of options to choose from, Stanmore Jafferys has delivered an option right in to the heart of your home with our very own inspirational and equally impactful Head of SJ Fitness Dr Mahmood Mawjee’s online fitness classes. People from around the world tuned in on Thursday when the classes were launched and I encourage many more to join as the classes continue today.

On a final note, in these holy months, let us pray for the safety and good health of our community and society at large. Let us also pray that when we return to our activities we continue to inspire and make an impact.


With Salaams

 Shafique Govani

Chairman, Stanmore Jafferys