Tigers tamed in the lost jungle by SJ’s Seniors


Finally the day for the invasion arrived…20th August.Thankfully the skies were all clear. Precisely at 9.30am the cars carrying the SJ youth volunteers drove into the car park. They were briefed for their duties for the day. And carry out their duties they did, like Trojans on the march. They were the last ones to leave. SJ Seniors appreciated their outstanding services and are thanful to SJ for their support. What an outing full of adventure!! Within minutes of the briefing, the seniors invaded the 18-hole putting course in groups of threes and fours with their score cards. The others decided to play draughts and carrom under the glorious sunshine.Altogether we had 60 SJ members from all ages making the most of it. The catering section was mouth watering.So much food to choose from!! Three hours passed so quickly that there were requests for repeat visits Inshallah. The success of SJ Seniors first outing is all proofed in the photos of the occasion. Enjoy them…