UNITY GAMES 2019 – SJRS Report


Serves & Smashes, top spin & under spin, drops & loops, tears & cheers, all this and more is what we witnessed during these 5 days in Dubai.

SJRS squad trained and worked really hard to prepare for this tournament and with the blessings of Allah, we were crowned Badminton & Table Tennis Champions.

Alhamdulillah, SJ is now a force to reckon when it comes to racket sports throughout the khoja world and other teams are looking up to us when it comes to skills, discipline and teamwork.

All this is possible only with the support from HQ and our dedicated sport coordinators & team members.

Shafiquebhai, under your leadership I have seen tremendous growth in terms of team building, discipline, accountability and recognizing winners through social media. I wish you best of luck and may you continue to take SJ to new heights.

SJRS has evolved in these two years, thanks to our Chairman Abbas Ali (ADA) Merali who has done everything possible to take rackets to a complete new level. The testament of that is seen not only in our busy weekly activities but on a grand level at SJRS Festival of Rackets where almost 500 participants play 4 racket sports over a weekend. All this spearheaded by our Chairman & his dream team, a big thank you to everyone.

As always, all good things must come to an end. I write this report at Dubai airport ready to depart with 2 Champions trophy (so heavy they are). Feel blessed and thankful to the Almighty first and then to my squad members who gave their 100% to make this possible. What a great achievement when I look back that throughout the tournament, Stanmore Team ‘HAIDER’ did not lose a single match to any team in both sport. An absolute clean sweep. Well deserved champions.

That’s all from me. It has been a pleasure to lead Team SJRS at Unity Games 2019.

Thanks once again for your support & opportunity.

Best regards

Sibtain Allibhai
SJRS Team Captain