Unity Games Dubai – December 2019 – Update!


Dear All,


Following on the email that was sent out last week, the purpose of this email is to gauge interest of our members who are wishing to participate and outline processes and timelines.

Key information received from Unity Games Dubai:

Football7 a side + 2 subs
Volleyball9 a side + 2 subs
Cricket11 a side + 2 subs
Badminton2 Teams per city (4 participants per team)
Tennis2 Teams per city (4 participants per team)
Table Tennis2 Teams per city (4 participants per team)
GolfIndividual (92 participants)
CyclingIndividual (92 participants)


A maximum of 2 teams will be permitted to participate per city, per sport.


Participant Fee Including Accommodation
(heavily subsidised)
Participant Fee Excluding Accommodation
(heavily subsidised)
Golf & Cycling$800


Check in date: 24 December – 2pm

Check out date: 30 December – 12pm

Pick up and drop off from the airport as well as all transport requirements from the hotel to the playing venues will be provided for the event for players and officials.

Step 1: Registering Interest

Please click HERE to register your interest

Deadline to register interest: Friday 21 June 2019

 Step 2: Communication by Sports Heads

 Once we have collated information of all our members who are interested in participating, this will be passed on to our individual Sports Heads to establish a selection process based on numbers.

You will receive direct communication from the Sports Heads on the process and method of selection.

We will aim to release a final Squad list by Sunday 4th August 2019 to enable appropriate flight bookings etc

Step 3: Flight Bookings & Entry Fees

Once you have been selected, you will have 2 weeks to make all suitable arrangements (confirm time off work, flight bookings, payment of entry fees).

Deadline: 18 August 2019, to confirm flight booking & payment of entry fees

The objectives of the deadlines and processes outlined above is:

  1. To enable us as a club to meet all the deadlines set out by Unity Games, Dubai
  2. To enable the Sports Heads to create a suitable selection process
  3. To enable members to make flight reservations as early as possible to avoid price rises

If you have any queries please email: unitygames2019@jafferys.org and one of the team will respond

Salams & Duas
SJ Team