MAMT 2023 – Volleyball Squad


Salaamun Alaikum Gents,

We have had a great response from our members to represent SJ at MAMT 2023, which will be held in Peterborough over the weekend of 30th September to 1st October.

We have tried our best to ensure we maximise on participants able to attend without compromising too much on the tournament experience and currently have secured 5 teams to represent SJ.

Currently, only a few players have missed out on selection but we are hoping to get them in if at all possible with an additional 6th team. The organisers will confirm this by next week Inshallah.

To secure your spot in the squad, please click on the link below and make the payment for the entry fee by no later than Tuesday 5th September by 10pm. Failure to do so by the stipulated deadline will mean your spot will be released and filled by someone on the waiting list


Abbas Jagani
Ali Hadi Govani
Imran Karawalli
Aqil Karawalli
Ali Rayhan Merali
Abbas Merali
Shehzadali Virjee
Shane Merali
Husayn Ismail
Kazim Ismail
Ali Ismail
Jameel walji
Azeem Dossa
Muntazeer Rajwani
Emran Datoo
Abbas Karmali
Abbas Asaria
Husayn Merali
Muhammad-mahdi Panju
Muhammad Damji
Husein Virji
Sajjad Shabir
Zahir Abbasali Bandali
Shahid-Abbas Jaffer
Yasir Merali
Ali Imran Gulamhusein
Ilyas Govani
Muhammadhussein Jagani
Amaar Khaku
Mustafa AP
Mohamed Shabbir Khaku
Shaahid AP
Suhail Merali
Sajjadali Tommy
Ali Khatau
Kadhim Virani
Zahid Jamal
Khalil Khaki
Asgher Virani
Kumail Merali
Zuhair Merali
AliJavad Jaffer
MohamedMahdi Tommy
QaimAli Ravji
Aqeel Bhimani
Hasanayn Rhemtulla
Jabir Merali
Muhammad Datoo

Congratulations on being selected, all players on the squad list will be required to attend ALL THE SATURDAY SESSIONS (09/09, 16,09, 23,09) in order to allow us time to prepare.

We are also working on accommodation options for SJ members to use the Marriot in Peterborough and will advice shortly.

If you are unable to make it anymore, please do inform us, via DM, as we have a standby list of players who have missed out.

Jabir Merali