About SJ Volleyball

Volleyball is a game that is close to the heart of the Khoja Community worldwide, the traditional game has evolved over the years, from the old school game that we grew up with in East Africa, to the ‘indoor’ version that we know now and one that is played globally. Safe to say that Volleyball is the show piece event of any Supreme Council festival, and various major standalone Volleyball tournaments are now hosted across the world.
Volleyball was integrated as a sport within the Stanmore Community from the early 80’s where Outdoor Sessions used to take place in the car park of our beloved Hujjat Centre.

Volleyball evolved and moved indoors, naturally due to the weather conditions here in the UK but primarily down to the changing nature of the game, moving away from the traditional ‘Mathey Mathey’ style to a faster more dynamic game. Some of the earliest indoor sessions were held at locations such as Hendon College, Harrow Leisure Centre, John Lyon School and so on.

SJVB participated in various tournaments throughout the 80’s and early 90’s with a degree of success. We were the first European Jamat to participate in the North American tournament, reaching the semi-finals in a tournament hosted by Toronto in 1994, we further enhanced our credentials by reaching consecutive semi-finals in the Supreme Council Games in 1994 and 1995.

The mid to late 90’s saw various tournaments being hosted locally with Stanmore winning their fair share. These tournaments whilst building brotherhood also built a healthy rivalry on the court between Stanmore, Birmingham, Leicester & Hyderi, a rivalry that exists till today!

This period also saw Volleyball ‘move’ to Aldenham School, and the start of a great relationship with the school that is still alive and kicking.

The Noughties came with the introduction of MAMT, the annual August Bank Holiday tournament that encompassed various sports with VB at the forefront, this period saw Stanmore start to establish itself as the prominent Volleyball team in the country, some of the finals between Leicester and Stanmore are legendary and still spoken about to this day.

The start of the last decade has seen SJVB rise to even greater heights, dominate the local scene by winning almost every local tournament we have entered over the last 8 years. 2018 brought unprecedented success for SJVB, where we won all 6 Tournaments that we entered.

We have also risen to prominence internationally by participating in the Annual North American Easter Tournaments every year for the last Five years, most recently reaching the semi-finals of the Minneshowtime Tournament (April 2019).

We also performed strongly at the Global Open Unity Volleyball Tournament hosted by our brothers in Dubai (April 2017), reaching the finals of both the Indoor and the Outdoor tournament, no mean feat considering we hardly every play outdoor volleyball!

The last couple of years has also seen a focus on our youth, to introduce them to the game, and nurture the next wave of talent that we are blessed to have as part of our great club.

Academy sessions are held twice a month at Aldenham with over Twenty-Five U16’s attending every session, our weekly sessions also continue every Saturday at Aldenham (average weekly attendance of 40 adults), where we strive to further improve the standard of Volleyball which should allow us to continue to build on the success, the platform of which was put in place by our respected predecessors way back in the 80’s in our Hujjat Car Park….