Windsor Castle — Chaiwala — Gran Fondo An Epic Cycling Weekend


On Saturday (20th June) over 30 cyclists from the SJ community cycled in small groups to various locations in Surrey and Hertfordshire.

A beginners group cycled a loop from Watford into Herts.  Advanced groups cycled from Northwood Hills to Windsor Castle than to Windsor Great Park and back, a journey encompassing over 50 miles.

However, it was the Intermediate group that perhaps had the most fun day out.  They cycled from Northwood Hills to Windsor Castle (with a pit stop to change a tire — thanks Ali Poptani).  The ride was supposed to stop at Windsor Castle, then head back home.  Someone had a bright idea (whilst we fixed Ali’s 2nd flat of the day); MKB, Shabir Mulji and Munti Chandoo decide we should pass Slough on the way home and have breakfast at Chaiwala.  So, it was off to Chaiwala, led by our own Shabir Jagani, for breakfast (more like brunch), than finally making our way back home.  What an experience.

The story of the weekend was not the 30 plus riders that participated, or that collectively we cycled over 1,000 miles in a single day.


The story of the day, our own Shabir Jagani at the age of 63 ½ years completed the Gran Fondo (Italian for “Big Ride” generally over 60 miles).  In fact, Shabir uncle completed a ride of 64.3 miles with elevation of almost 2,000 feet; what an inspirational effort.  More importantly, what a brilliant journey from 2 years ago when Shabir uncle (new to cycling) joined SJ Cycling.

Thank you to the efforts of all the participants, and especially the 5 group leaders (Jamil Merali, Anant Joshi, Shabir Jagani, Gitesh Kotecha, and Imran Mamdani) for another amazing weekend of cycling in our community.


SJ Cycling