Winter cycling tips – part 2


Winter comes every year but it still takes people by surprise. Not wrapping up your bike, or yourself, will end in a worn-out groupset and worn out legs. To complement last weeks’ article around Winter Cycling Tips, we have gathered some essential items both for yourself and your bike that we’d recommend to ensure a comfortable, safe and pleasant ride during these wintery conditions.



–       Cap

–       Tier 1: Castelli Difesa 2 Cap

–       Tier 2: VeloChampion Thermo Cap

–       Tier 3: Decathlon 500 Seamless Cycling Helmet Liner


–       Snood

–       Tier 1: SJ Cycling Snood (Pre-Order)

–       Tier 2: Boardman Neck Warmer

–       Tier 3: Decathlon 700 Windproof Neck Warmer


–       Base Layer

–       Tier 1: DHB Mesh Baselayer

–       Tier 2: Altura Thermocool Baselayer

–       Tier 3: Van Rysel Baselayer


–       Gloves

–       Tier 1: Castelli Estremo

–       Tier 2: Endura Deluge II

–       Tier 3: Triban 900 Winter Cycling Gloves


–       Thermal Jackets

–       Tier 1: Castelli Perfetto RoS

–       Tier 2: Rapha Men Core Winter Jacket

–       Tier 3: RC500 Winter SoftShell


–       Rain Jackets

–       Tier 1: Gore wear ShakeDry

–       Tier 2: DHB Aeron Tempo

–       Tier 3: Ridge Jacket


–       Thermal Bibs

–       Tier 1: Rapha Core Winter Tights

–       Tier 2: Van Rysel 900

–       Tier 3: DHB Thermal Bib TIght


–       Over-shorts

–       Tier 1: FST100 Training Shorts

–       Tier 2: Any shorts you may have.


–       Waterproof Socks

–       Tier 1: Sealskinz All Weather Hydrostop

–       Tier 2: Defeet Woolie Boolie 2

–       Tier 3: DHB Aeron Winter Merino Sock


–       Overshoes

–       Tier 1: GripGrab Arctic

–       Tier 2: Lusso Windtex Stealth

–       Tier 3: DHB Extreme Weather Neoprene



–       Lights

–       Tier 1: Halfords 1600 Lumen

–       Tier 2: Lezyne Micro Drive 600XL

–       Tier 3: VEL 300


–       Mudguards

–       Tier 1: SKS Raceblade Pro XL

–       Tier 2: Ass Saver Regular


–       Tyres

–       Tier 1: Continental GP 4 Seasons

–       Tier 2: Schwalbe Durano

–       Tier 3: Vittoria Rubino G+


–       Service

You are cold, wet and tired but, if you just dump your bike in the shed and head for the shower, you can guarantee that the next time you ride your drivetrain will already be rusting. At the very least, rinse the entire bike with clean water to remove dirt and salt, spray water dispersant on the drivetrain, run the chain through a rag and then re-lube the chain. It is only a five minute job at the most and your bike will thank you for it.

Lastly, just remember, it’s only weather, so don’t let it put you off riding in it, instead embrace the cold and rain. We’re fortunate on this small island that the weather never gets really that bad, the winter is mostly mild and is well suited to year-round cycling. And the colder and wetter it is, well that’s more ‘epic’ points in the bank.

Don’t think too much about how bad you think it might be, instead don’t think about it at all. Just get dressed and get out the door, and get riding. Most of the time it’s never as bad as you think it will be. And the reward for having gotten out will be immeasurable.

We look forward to seeing you on our rides, after all it’s just #MindOverMatter and we will be on ride to help you keep motivated and energized.


Disclaimer: We are not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with these brands and sellers. This pack is for information purposes only and SJ/SJ Cycling does not bear any risks involved associated with these products.